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Megan is a publishing consultant who focuses on food, cooking and the environment. Recent projects include SELF-SUFFICIENCY FOR THE 21st CENTURY (DK Publishing, 2010), THE CAMPING COOKBOOK (Kyle Books, May 2011) and THE MEAT FREE MONDAY COOKBOOK (Kyle Books, March 2012).

In 2013 she launched The Good Farm Delivery, a hyper-local farm food service on the East End of Long Island.

Born and raised under the bright lights of the big city, Megan resides in historic Sag Harbor, New York with her husband, Marc, their daughter and dancing pup, Hula.


In 2010 Jon and I officially started Sunset Beach Farm. We met at Green Mountain College in Vermont. I was studying environmental business and Jon, environmental studies.  It was in Vermont that we developed this passion for food. We raised chickens, grew tomato seedlings, and baked all our own bread. We were hooked. After graduating we moved back to Jon’s hometown of Sag Harbor. We tended a small garden and began discussing how we would start our farm. In the spring of 2010 our vision became a reality, Sunset Beach Farm was officially born! We have combined our passion for food, the environment, and living sustainably to grow and distribute vegetables to our friends, family, and community members. We currently farm on three acres in Sag Harbor and Amagansett where we grow vegetables in an organic and biodynamic way. We also provide CSA shares for 40 families in the Sag Harbor area.


Theresa is a culinary school graduate and former restaurant chef. Most notably she worked as a sous chef for Mario Batali at his Roman-inspired LUPA restaurant in Manhattan. Coming from an Italian family, her passion for cooking developed at an early age and her fondest childhood memories include kneading dough, shaping gnocchi and jarring tomatoes. Born in Brooklyn and raised on Staten Island, this city girl is now living “la dolce vita” in Sag Harbor, New York where she is a private chef and faces the culinary challenge of preparing meals for her daughter, Lucia, every day.


Lisa is a Registered Dietitian with a Master’s Degree in Nutrition from NYU. Having spent the last four years working in Clinical Nutrition at Mount Sinai Hospital in NYC, she now focuses on helping clients make informed, healthy and delicious choices in a world full of infinite options. An enthusiastic foodie, Lisa appreciates the social, cultural and scrumptious opportunities a shared meal affords. Lisa and husband Hal live in Manhattan with their delectable daughter, Stella.


Donnie’s unique food perspective draws influence from her childhood spent in Japan; her 20’s spent in Montana mixing tea blends and medicinal herbs in a Coffee, Tea & Spice shop; and her experience as a chef at the award-winning Maryland mainstay, Bay Hundred. Living in Boulder, Colorado for the last decade with husband Tom, Donnie has created an extensive home-farm and a blooming business (  Her pride and joy is son Rob, a FCI-trained chef.


Heather is a full-time real estate agent and mom living in Washington, DC.  She’s a home cook who honed her skills by practicing the basics like lemon chicken and lasagna and experimenting with the more exotic, like bibimbap and sushi.   Despite round-the-clock parental duties and a full client list, she always carves out time to cook and uses the kitchen as her sanctuary after a busy day.  She believes there’s no such thing as a bad cheese, brining poultry or shrimp is key, and pie cures all evils.  Heather lives with husband Chris, twins Annie and Harrison and large, goofy dog, Barney, and occasionally she allows them in her kitchen.


Jamie Ginsberg is a video producer and partner at Cleveland Groove. He loves to eat and it shows!!! A reformed vegetarian, Jamie is an omnivore with an allergy to shellfish and an addiction to chocolate. As a cook he experiments constantly and loves to learn new techniques. Jamie is a yogi with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from the The University of Michigan and a Juris Doctorate from The Cleveland-Marshall School of Law. Link to Jamie here and like him on Facebook



Jessy lives in New York City, where she is embarrassed to admit that she orders Jessyprepared food far more often than she should. She must be doing something right, though, because both her kids love brussels sprouts. In her spare time she raises funds for nonprofit organization and puzzles over the intricacies of quantum mechanics. When she isn’t busy masquerading as a grown-up, she spends as much time as possible in the Adirondack Mountains.



JowellSimone is a mama to Jonah and Danielle, yogi and photographer based out of Cleveland, Ohio. Originally from Cape Town, South Africa. Simone has evolved into a plant-based cook over the last few years. This diet has opened up a world of new, exciting, creative and yummy recipes that Simone cooks for her family almost daily. As a photographer, Simone is inspired by rich, colorful, nutritious meals; the artists who create them and exploring how food plays a part in our connection with each other and the world.




JM-cropJenny Moore learned how to cook from her mother as well as her grandmother, who was raised on a farm and and knew her way around old-school slow food. Though Jenny’s lived a mostly urban life, she has made her own candy and jam and has milked a cow or two. She loves to read about food and local food traditions, and she understands the power of fresh herbs, marinades, and lard. Jenny lives near Washington D.C., where she works as a writer, teacher, and editor.



Mom to 7-year-old Vivian, wife to Scott, walker of Shadow and English teacher of over 100 students, time is truly an important commodity! Multi-tasking and an aunt’s adage of, “Cook once, eat twice,” rings true when planning the family menu for the week. When not doing typical chores or planning lessons, Tarryn tries to slow time down by cooking a solid Sunday supper, practicing yoga, walking the pooch or trying to make a dent in an extensive reading list-though, thankfully, not all at the same time.



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